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1.) If someone asked you for a book recommendation, what would you tell them?
Umm series i would say the mortal instruments series, comic book: mad love, I loved Part of the Pride by Kevin Richardson… no not the backstreet boy. 
 2.) How would you react if someone randomly confessed to you?
I would say kind of honored that they would come to me for help, depending what it is. 
3.) Bubble tea or soda?
Soda I have never had bubble tea. 
4.) Converse or Vans?
Converse only because I’ve never owned a pair of vans and converse are just so classic how could you not love them. I have insoles in my btw. 
5.) Do you have any fetishes?
No not really. 
6.) What are you doing right now
procrastinating from doing my animal science index cards and study. 
7.) How did you first encountered tumblr?
Amber Rae made me make one and got me addicted. 
8.) Anyone you want to meet in person right now? 
Kevin Richardson (not the backstreet boy) he is my idol. If you don’t know who he is look him up he is amazing!!!
9.) When you start to like someone, do you notice their looks or their personality first?
Personality, I’m mean obviously you see them before you actually know them but if they have a great personality then it makes you like them even more. 
10.) What sport/hobby are you interested in but haven’t gotten the chance to try it yet?
I would love to get into archery, but what i currently do is paint and read. r. 
11.) Tell me, what do you think makes you “you”?
My sense of humor defiantly i always try to find a way to make someone laugh. 
1) Do you laugh at your own jokes? 
Yes all the time. Im pathetic :D
2)What’s a song that moves you every time you hear it?
Ohh thats a hard one, heres a few. Push it by Salt N’ Pepper. Misery Business by Paramore andddddd Jump by Kriss Kross

3) If you could go anywhere, where would it be?

Thats really hard for me because i want to travel everywhere. The current place that i really want to go to is South Africa to volunteer at Kevin Richardson’s Wildlife Sanctuary.

4) Would you rather have a turtle shell attached to your body or have a kangaroo pouch attached?

It would depend on how much the shell weighed but I’m going to go with Kangaroo pouch just because wouldn’t have to carry a backpack. 

5) What was the last book you read?

Im currently reading Soul Surfer but before that I was read The City of Lost Souls

6) Any childhood fears?

Tape and someone walking behind me always freaked me out. 

7) Do you still watch cartoons?

Of course

8) What movies are you excited to see this year?

Transformers 4 and i still haven’t seen catching fire lol. 

9) Favorite superhero/villain ?

Superman/ THE JOKER!!!!

10) If you could make up a mythical creature what would it look like?

I have nooo idea. maybe like a cat giraffe ( a giraffe with a cats head) or an elephant lion (and elephant with a mane and lion eyes) mainly because it would be really funny)

11) What Pokémon starter would you choose to begin your epic Pokémon master journey? (any generation)

Bulbasaur or Charmander

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They strayed into his heart! US freestyle skier posts heart-melting pictures with abandoned Sochi puppies as he promises to find them homes and save them from Putin’s feral dog slaughter

The plight of stray dogs in Sochi has garnered international attention.

Now one American Olympian is doing his part to get the word out - by the most heart-meltingly adorable  means possible.

Gus Kenworthy, a freestyle skier from Colorado, has posted pictures of him holding the several pups in his lap.

One photo shows him mimicking the sad-eyed expression of the irresistible puppy.

Oh my glob, look who I just found! :) #sochistrays,’ he wrote.

The 22-year-old tweeted another picture of is lap filled with excited pups.

He later tweeted that he had lined up kennels and vaccination shots for the puppies and was trying to bring them all back home to Colorado with him.

Kenworthy was in fifth place in the qualifications for freestyle skiing as of Thursday morning.

Kenworthy is just one of dozens of people joining in the emerging movement of animal activists in Sochi alarmed by reports that the city has contracted the killing of thousands of stray dogs before and during the Olympic Games.

Activists have been picking up dogs from the streets and putting them up at their homes or in temporary shelters before finding an owner elsewhere.

One Russian, Alexei, spoke on condition his full name was not used because he feared repercussions from his employers.

Stray dogs are a common sight on the streets of Russian cities, but with massive construction in the area the street dog population in Sochi and the Olympic park has soared.

Useful as noisy, guard dogs, workers feed them to keep them nearby and protect buildings. The dogs - - friendly rather than feral - soon lose their value and become strays.

Tonight, a few dogs will be taken on their way to a new life.

Alexei’s wife Dina Fillipova has spotted a stray in the central Sochi neighborhood of Svetlana. Once Alexei has picked up the Labrador, the couple heads for two safe houses.

One, in a central neighborhood, is lined with palm trees. The other is at the top of a windy pot-holed road with overgrown gardens. Four helpless puppies wait to be collected at one and a stubborn stray at the other.

'I like dogs but that's not the point,' Fillipova says. 'You know, even if you don't like children and don't want to have one, when you see a baby lying on the street bleeding or find out about maniacs hunting for children, you would want to do something to help.'

Dina and Alexei park in a back alley in the Sochi suburb of Dagomys well past midnight, waiting for a middle-man. A Soviet-designed SUV pulls up. The driver shakes Alexei’s hand, and the men hurry to open the trunks. The adult dogs — and a carrier with the puppies — are put into the SUV, much to the amazement of two late night drinkers stumbling by.

'They must be expensive,' one man says, nodding towards the unwanted mongrels. Alexei's long night is over and he can return home.

The mission to be accomplished now is 120 kilometers (75 miles) away along the Black Sea coast.

The dog-laden car travels 100 kilometers on a windy road past round-the-clock stalls selling honey, jam and nuts to reach a checkpoint where trucks and cars line up to get into the Sochi area.

This is the Games’ ring of steel which is supposed to keep Sochi terrorism-free, allowing in only cars with local number plates or with Olympic accreditation.

A dozen kilometers before the check-point is the closest Igor Airapetian, a softly-spoken retired businessman, can get to Sochi in his SUV with Moscow number plates.

It’s three in the morning and the dog activists pull up at a deserted plaza in the town of Tuapse. A smiling Airapetian shakes the driver’s hand. Airapetian’s friend, Zamir Aslanov, who has been driving the arduous 1,600 kms (1,000 miles) from Moscow, is dizzy with exhaustion. It will now be Airapetian’s turn to drive back.

'It was just a coincidence,' Airapetian says when asked why he decided to help taking out dogs from Sochi. 'I saw that post (in the social media) and decided to help.'

Asked about the future of the dogs, Airapetian comes up with a long list and details of breeders and ordinary people who will be taking the dogs.

The silence in the plaza is broken by the arrival of a three-door red car. A petite blonde gets out of her car. It’s all wet noses and tails inside. One of the five dogs she has brought is a Rottweiler.

'People buy bred dogs, play with them and then throw them away,' Yulia Krasova, a 30-year-old travel agent, explains.

Sochi is flooded with stray dogs but activists also lament the attitudes of Russians who tend to treat dogs as a toy that can be easily discarded.

Dogs live on construction sites, workers feed them, give them names,’ Fillipova says. ‘Once the construction is over the dogs are left behind.’

Two more cars arrive at the plaza at four in the morning. Another woman in a down jacket comes out. Fifteen or so dogs will head back towards Moscow, some of them to be dropped off with new owners on the way.

Igor hopes that the international media attention that Sochi’s strays have received could prompt Russian officials across the country to end the cruel treatment of dogs.

Sochi city hall, when asked for comment on dog killings, responded by posting a press release announcing the opening of a dog pound.

'I hope what we've seen here is not going to happen again,' Airapetian says.

adoptpets: It’s great to say Russians, some tourists, and now even Olympic athletes step up to save these beautiful dogs from being killed. I hope Kenworthy gets a gold because he deserves it after his heroic actions. Please sign this petition urging the International Olympic Committee to stop looking the other way in cases of animal cruelty and to consider humane values when selecting future host cities:


It is really great that there are people like this.